Saturday, October 8, 2016

Mission Inspiration - October

I haven't completed a Mission Inspiration Challenge for sometime so thought I would give this one a go.
The example done by Mike Deacon featured a Halloween theme but the prompts work for any journal page. I seem to find the focal image selection the hardest and maybe need to hunt out a selection so I have a starting point when creating a page.
In the end I was pleased with the end result - a dark page with a fairly sombre message.

The bird on my page is a huia bird, a native of New Zealand, that is sadly extinct - hence my quote.

Not all steps happened strictly in order as I had been experimenting with some new 3D medium with the lattice stencil and decided to use that page. The compass stencils changed colour several times as I finally selected my focal image and tried to make the colours work together. The triangles come from the original background of the bird and I tried to place them to give the bird some grounding as I realised that by fussy cutting it, I had left it floating somewhat. I also remembered that the quote was meant to be 'like a ransom note' but I'm not that keen on that style and don't think it would have suited this page. Only noticed as I'm posting that I forgot Step 10 - drip or splatters - never mind - it's really just to inspire the creative juices!

The Huia Bird - Sadly Extinct

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