Thursday, July 20, 2017

CB Monthly Challenge - July

I have been away for a few days celebrating my mother's birthday and spending time with my sisters. It was fun creating with with one of my sisters who has just started to work with different media. As I only had a small supply of art supplies with me, it was challenging to find ways to use what I had.
I completed a few ICAD's using what I had and then I moved on to the July challenge for The Months by The Craft Barn. I was a little annoyed when I realised I had let my 'Month' journal behind, especially as I had started preparing the backgrounds. So I started again, knowing I would have to stick in my page and complete my Southern Hemisphere page later - then I checked the CB blog and found I was a week ahead of myself!! So I have waited to post, having completed the Winter page at home.

My mum had some great napkins with text on them, that I used as the background and then layer with white acrylic and Gelatos. The flowers where painted with watercolours and then detail added with black pen. I had also prepared the text at home - and left it there - but as I managed to acquire an old typewriter while I was away, I typed out the couplet from the poem.

So I still stuck in the page I completed while I was away, but now have both pages done to share with you.

For the Winter page, I used a similar technique as I used in the song challenge a couple of months ago for I Can't Stand the Rain. The window is sort of just sitting there, but I didn't want to lose my frost effect created with a white embossed stamp.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

CB Song Challenge - What a Wonderful World

Once again I've been contemplating this idea for 2 weeks and leaving it to the last minute to execute!
I have been using the felt pen watercolour idea as backgrounds in work I do with kids at school and knew it would be a good basis for this page. I actually sprayed it with fixative before I did anything else on top.

I was happy with the idea of the trees, using the doily as a stencil, but then wasn't too happy with them so pushed them right into the background. I must admit, on the video they didn't look so bad.
I was brave and had my first attempt at writing the title on the page with my Tombow marker - then smudged it when adding another flower while filling the space where the trees were. Not minding my own handwriting so much on my work, except that it seems to be different for every verse!

Please check out my video - still pretty new to recording and posting these so would love you to check them out :)