Sunday, April 2, 2017

Angel of Gold

This canvas is inspired by the moodboard put together by Our Mixed Media Moods for March/April.

I had purchased a set of small canvases, thinking I would like t experiment sewing directly onto them with my sewing machine. It didn't happen this time and not sure if it will work - so that's still a work (idea) in progress.

I don't use canvases much, mainly because I'm not sure what I would do with them - at least things are contained and manageable in a journal. Thought I'd give it a go this time - who will the lucky recipient be? - haha!

My inspiration came from the sculpture, stones and lights. Still thinking about that number 8, so maybe soemthing else will come to me yet.

Now... I'm trying to film some of my work, but not really in the habit of doing so - so the camera just wasn't turned on sometimes because I forgot, and then at the end my phone decided to turn off! Because of this, not everything is in the video - or I just pretended I was doing it!! Here's what I did manage to capture and the stills.

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