Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Mushroom - Our MMM

This is my second piece inspired by the March/April mood board from Our Mixed Media Moods.

The  Mood Board:

I had already been drawn to those mushrooms and then this appeared in the playground ot the school where I work:

I keep calling the piece 'Mushroom' but I thinks it's really a toadstool! These are not a common occurrence for us, but with the very damp weather we have had lately, there have been many different types of fungi appearing.
So I thought I could work with this, recolour it digitally and then apply some mixed media techniques. 

I wanted to overlay different colours and chose these from the stones in the mood board and printed them on tracing paper.


I also printed the whole image in grayscale, except the mushroom. which I left yellow.
I ended up with one very bright side and a complete contrast on the other side, just broken by the more pastel coloured small mushrooms.
The bright side has different media added - crackle paste and glass bead medium.
The dull side has some masking tape added as a feature.
The background colour was taken from the strip of purple which appeared in the image when it was recoloured.
Watch my process here:

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