Monday, April 24, 2017


This little piece was created for two reasons. One, I knew this could fit for the Paper Artsy Challenge and when I saw the hearts by Tammy Tuttrow, I thought I could make a little charm for my daughter to take with her on her trip to Europe. Sadly things did not go as planned. I'll have to keep working on my original ideas later.

Maybe I should have tried the kiwifruit! Or the coasters - the leaves remind me of mint leaf lollies - ask Leandra, she'll know what I mean!

Anyway, the problem was (and still is) that the beaded bracelet I bought my daughter when I visited the UK a couple of years ago broke and while we still have the main 'xo' (kiss & hug) charm, the original beads were lost and after re-threading it at least three times, everything I use tarnishes. So I decided to make a temporary 'charm' for her trip. I had some resin which I had bought quite some time ago but have never been brave enough to try. However, when I finally went to do this piece, I found it was white opaque resin and not clear like I thought.

So as an alternative I thought I would use Judkins Diamond Glaze. I had laser engraved the heart, with the 'xox' and set about applying the glaze. So thought it should have set and then went and put my finger in it - not set!! So then I had to add so much more glaze that it didn't set before my daughter flew out. I was away for a few days, seeing her off and not back home in time to sort another project. So another layer of glaze was added and I think it will be ok in the end - I'm just not going to touch it for about 2 weeks!
So my daughter has arrived in France and tonight I have been messaging her and seeing images of her trip up the cable car at Chamonix Mont Blanc - pretty amazing. She'll be in the UK next week and may find she will have some parcels of craft supplies arriving in the post to bring home for me!

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