Monday, May 8, 2017

We Are Our Choices

I'm always excited when I see the Paper Artsy Challenge - this time it was Found Objects - but somehow it has been getting away from me lately and the ideas have either not come or the time has just whizzed by.
I could have just stamped with tubes or plants - but feel like I done that for other challenges so waited for the inspiration to come.

Then in the garden I pulled off stalks that were left from when rhubarb had gone to seed. I never actually seen anything like this. The flowers were cut off and what was left had dried and were hollow. I thought I could use these to emulate the hangings by Eliza Martinez.

I incorporated this with a saying I had found this week, then some lichen, calico, stitching, stamping, paint, wire, string and coloured cord.


  1. Love your creation Raewyn. The rhubarb stalk is very clever, adds to the rustic feel.

    1. Thanks Bryan for your comment. The next one will be fun too!

  2. Adoring the textures, love the feel of the piece! Very clever.