Saturday, May 20, 2017

Teacher's Pet

Paper Artsy keep coming up with great challenges and this one was so much fun once again.
I hadn't heard the term 'assemblages' before not having studied art but being more of a hobby artist. But now I've learnt this term it makes so much sense and I have seen ideas in places since, and, realised I've created things like this without realising it!

I loved the little robot guys on the Paper Arty Challenge page by Jen Hardwick and her blog has so many fun and inspiring ideas. Makes you want to make art with anything and everything!

So to my entry for the challenge. When we have our Pet Day at the school where I work, the staff always have challenge to create something for the students to view and maybe guess whose piece of art it is or they like the best. Last time we did this the theme as pet rocks. I had lots of ideas - went to the river for rocks, bought some small stones and glass pebbles - but nothing was coming together. At the very last minute/hour (as often happens with theses challenges) I came up with this idea.

Who's the Teachers Pet? I made enough simple characters for everyone in the class, the teacher (me) and then the hidden actual teacher's pet under the table. I loved this creation and keep it in my room.
It was fun seeing the kids guessing which rock was them. Some of them had a fair idea from the speech bubbles above the 'students' as some of these are quotes from the kids.

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