Sunday, June 25, 2017

CB Monthly Challenge - June

Half way through the year with this - who can believe it!? I feel compelled to do this every month, especially as I made special journal for it and those of you who take part have commented on enjoyinbg seeing my take on both seasons. Thanks for that.

I must admit, it is getting more challenging to think of rhymes going into winter. Even though we have reached the shortest day and it is quite gloomy outside today, many of our days here are still beautiful and sunny. Most of this week we had chilly, frosty mornings - and what comes after that?? Blue skies and sunshine!!

I have been working on this spread (amidst writing school reports) and have not been that happy with it - but the time is up and this is what I have. I think it may look better in the photos - here's hoping.

I was lucky enough to receive my new Paper Artsy Infusions via my Craft Barn voucher and my daughter visiting her brother in London, then bringing them back for me. I really wanted to use them this month but as I'm still learning, it may just be a hot mess. Check out my Instagram #ICAD2017 Days 2, 5, & 7 for what I think is more successful. Videos on my YouTube channel.

I used brighter Infusion colours for Summer (Magenta & Slime) and the darker ones for Winter (Rusty Car & Olive Tree) I had been trying out an Elegant Writer pen and has some success on card, but didn't want to block out the background totally, so gave it a go on tissue. Not so great - I used lots of white and some pink and violet Sakura gellyroll pens to try to bring out the flowers. The winter side has a very sketchy image of my house [because that's my best drawing :)], some grunged up tape and a bit of stamping on both side also.


  1. Love both your pages and a great poem to match!

  2. Love those sketchy houses! Glad you are enjoying playing with the infusions. I love them. I don't have many colours but Slime is one I particularly like. Great summer/winter pages again this month.

    1. Thanks Julia. Having fun with the Infusions

  3. Another super page. Thank you for joining the Craft Barn Month Challenge xx

  4. Love your pages and your poems! Twice the fun.

  5. I love the style of these pages. Great backgrounds and always fun to see what you will do for the alternative Southern Hemisphere season xx

  6. Lovely results from playing with Infusions. Two great pages.