Thursday, November 3, 2016


Sort of feels like a relief to have a challenge that relates to my memories (I'm sort of over Halloween!) so was pleased to see the 'Fireworks' challenge from The Craft Barn.
The concept of 'Guy Fawkes' may seem a little strange, but I guess we are really remember the triumph of good over bad - if that's what actually happened. Fireworks look fantastic, and thankfully my current dog does not mind them, but I have had many year of animals that were totally spooked out. I hate to think what they would have done back in the day when we were allowed fire crackers, and let off strings of them. I think as a kid, writing your name with sparklers was still the best - simple, safe and fun.
So coincidentally, I happened upon something, maybe a Pinterest email, that featured the black paint scratch technique. So I thought this was the perfect thing to try. Although it is quite a common thing to do for school art, I actually don't think I have ever done it before, but it may happen next week in class for our art project - and the kids can learn about some history at the same time.

I didn't have crayons or pastels at home, so used some Reeves watercolor crayons I have, They don't really move that well, especially on un-gessoed paper so for this task they were fine. Some black acrylic and a skewer to scratch and we had fireworks. I thought I would link to Guy Fawkes by stamping The Beehive, which is our newer parliament building in New Zealand. I stamped it on tissue and stuck it on with matte medium and then added the well know quote.


  1. I love how you created the fireworks. A great page.

  2. Beautiful page! Scrafito is such a good technique for this theme. thank you for joining in the Craft Barn Challenge xx