Friday, April 29, 2016

Mixed Media Morsels

I have been taking part in Mixed Media Morsels with Cat Hand - took awhile to get going but finally caught up and waiting each week for a new morsel. A great way to try some new techniques.

MMM#1 - Paint and plastic wrap

MMM#2 - Collage using some of my own prints and magazine pages.

MMM#3 - Alcohol & Paint

MMM#4 - glue resist - not too great!

MMM#5 - Tissue & Ink

MMM#6 - Inchies - Quite pleased with how these look, although I think mine are 3x3 cm and 1.5x1.5 cm.

MMM#7 - Circles

MMM#8 - Houses

MMM#9 - Whimsical Birds

MMM#10 - Masking

MMM#11 - Torn Strips
MMM#12 was to use this technique to make a journal cover, which I haven't done as yet.

MMM#13 - Painted Circles

MMM#14 - Handmade borders - not that mine stand out much.

MMM#15 - Mosaic - wasn't looking forward to this but please with the outcome.

MMM#17 - Butterfly embellishments - decided to use the swan plants and flowers in my garden for the background.

MMM#17 - Using paper napkins.

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